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Leo 2017 Horoscope


Leo 2017 Horoscope : Leo are expressive, forceful, dominant and born to rule others. Of rash temperament, powers, grandeur, show, adventure, strong will power and high mind are Leo basic traits. This sign gives Leo noble dignity to both personality and appearance. Leo magnetic qualities enable Leo to command both respect and attention of others. Leo have definite desire and ability to control, organise and lead others. Self confidence and self possession are the secrets of Leo success. As a roaring lion, Leo prefer to do things on a larger and lavish scales and can not tolerate pettiness or meanness. Frank, open, strong willed, ambitious and open hearted. Hard work is Leo key to success. Excess of pride and vanity be avoided. Leo prove best when Leo work is appreciated or receive recognition. Leo will succeed best at the place of authority, because Leo can not tolerate subordination, Leo prefer to lead rather to follow and become popular.

Leo have inborn magnetic power, warm hearted and generous, particularly to people to whom Leo love and who need Leo support, so do not be generous to fault. Leo have plenty of hope and faith and not fall to fits of depression and despondency. Fond of pleasure and luxury even with limited resources. Influenced by the opposite sex. Leo enjoy the confidence of others. Leo are loyal, sincere and frankly honest but others will hurt Leo often and try to take advantage of Leo. Leo will keep generally a good and splendid health. In short Leo are ambitious, generous, honourable, frank, warm hearted, self confident, fearless, impulsive, determined, preserving and conscientious. Fond of power and distinction. Liking for art, cheerful, optimistic disposition and magnanimous but rash in temperament. Do not boast, it will put Leo to loss, avoid drinks, stimulants and beverages. Avoid over spending, save for old age.

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