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Cancer Marriage Horoscope

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Approach towards love, romance and life in general cannot be said very encouraging in initial few months. You are advised to be very calm and balanced in your approach towards different situations in life. You might create problems for yourself by uttering falsehood, so try to avoid it as much as possible. You may have trouble from opposite sx, so you need to be careful of them. Those very personal relations that you worked on, might not work out well, and cause disturbance in your household and office. Sensual thoughts not only depress you but may even cause you some uneasiness in this period. Harmonious relationship with the opposite sex may get disturbed during first quarter of the year. But after it, you'll sail smooth and won't face any problem. It's going to be a good time as far as love life is concerned. Good level of gains could come from spouse.

This week you'll feel more confident than usual, be it for taking up any responsibility at your job or as the parent of your kids. You'll see your confidence reaching a new height. And this will enable you to manage your relationships more efficiently. You can see your desires being fulfilled in this week rather than satisfying others. Expect to be in a playful mood on Friday, but the remaining weekend will keep you busy with other responsibilities.

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