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Libra Marriage Horoscope

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Your beloved will bring happiness and success to you, and land a helping hand whenever required. Meeting with old friends of opposite sex is also indicated. You will also get company of opposite sex that will prove quite beneficial for you. Everyone will feel your charismatic presence; they look up to you and come to you for advice. Things will start getting sorted out. Your relationship with your spouse or beloved will be fine. Though there might be some problems in your relationship during third and fourth months of 2017, but the trouble will be short and will get resolved soon. A wonderful life is waiting ahead for you.

Expect to meet someone aggressive on Saturday. This person will either boost your interest or will irritate you. You have to decide whether you want to explore new avenues of adventure with him/her or you simply want to get rid of this person. You may also opt to simply give in yourself and enjoy the moment as this is just going to be a short-term experience.

Emotions - Passion
Compatibility - Aquarius, Gemini

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