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June 2017 Horoscope


Aries (march 20 ,april 20) : Your love life is certainly exciting this month, dear Aries, and you're feeling especially amorous and affectionate, ready to go out on a limb for love. Your confidence runs high in general, and the desire to break free from restricting or limiting circumstances is strong. Work picks up pace, and there can be some struggle between the demands of family and home and those of your career and professional responsibilities. It's an exceptionally busy month for you, and you will be doing a balancing act as a result.

Taurus (April 20 ,May 21) : Your romantic life picks up pace this month, dear Taurus, although it's not without its fair share of drama. Some adjustments and changes are necessary in order to bring harmony back to this area of your life. June is a good money month for you. It's excellent for financial planning, and also for a partner's finances, but the impulse to gamble or splurge might also be strong, and probably should be resisted. Your dreaming world is vivid and intuition exceptionally active. Listen to your inner voice! Career opportunities may come about suddenly.

Gemini (May 21 ,June 21) : Socially, June brings excitement and opportunity, dear Gemini. Meeting new people, sudden new friendships, and, for some of you, partnership opportunities are themes this month. Experimentation is especially important to you, as you are feeling adventurous and courageous. The unknown or unexplored is alluring, and you might make some plans to travel. You have a lot on your mind and are itching to share it. Others will find you especially witty and interesting. Some worries over money are possible, and adjustments and changes are necessary in order to alleviate stress.

Cancer (June 22 ,July 22) : Finances are strong for you this month, dear Cancer, and many of you will be enjoying gifts and bonuses. The first three weeks of the month find you more introspective than usual. Many of you are putting a lot of energy into studies and projects. Sudden or unexpected career opportunities are likely in June—you are approaching a professional peak of sorts. Some of you will be discovering your "true calling" this summer. The need to make changes in your love life becomes clearer as the month draws to a close.

Leo (July 23 ,August 23) : Love is exciting and perhaps a little exotic for you this month, dear Leo. Certainly, you are experiencing inner stirrings that prompt you to explore on a romantic level, whether that means spicing up an existing relationship, taking it to a whole new level, or meeting a romantic partner for singles. Some changes on the work front and in your domestic life seem necessary now. You may be dealing with some power struggles that now come to a head. From mid-month, your personal magnetism is especially strong.

Virgo (August 23 ,September 23) : Work matters are in the forefront for you in June, dear Virgo. You're especially busy and often turned to for advice and requests. You face any problem with energy, confidence, and courage, but can be a little impatient if things aren't moving fast enough. Sudden developments in the financial or emotional support you receive are likely now, and they seem promising. A partner might enjoy good news on the financial front. Some of you are realizing a long-term goal of working from home. A love relationship requires some attention and adjustment this month.

Libra (September 23 ,October 23) : Sudden opportunities with or through a partner arise this month, dear Libra. A surprising circumstance or sudden change of attitude can occur and jolt you out of your usual routine when it comes to relationships. Some of you might enter into a new partnership quickly, or meet a special someone with whom you have strong intellectual or communicative ties, and the desire to take it to the next level is strong. Domestic matters require special attention in the last week of June. Finding a balance between your professional and personal lives will be essential.

Scorpio (October 23 ,November 22) : Opportunities and new insights come in the areas of work and health this month, dear Scorpio. Some of you will become especially excited and hopeful about a new health and wellness program and this lifts your spirits to new heights, giving you a sense of having a new lease on life. Improvements or other opportunities at or through work can come out of the blue, boosting your confidence and improving your attitude towards your work. The temptation to break out of monotony or other lifeless aspects of a job is strong. Finances look promising.

Sagittarius (November 22 ,December 21) : An exciting and uplifting month is in store for you, dear Sagittarius. Your creative juices are flowing and you are feeling especially demonstrative, confident, and adventurous. Romance and partnership are strong, and your personal magnetism gets a pleasing boost. Taking creative or romantic chances is likely. Many of you will be focusing on learning, improving your skills set, and possibly writing or speaking in new and more creative ways this month. In the last week of June, financial changes or worries are likely, however, and need special attention.

Capricorn (December 21 ,January 20) : A busy month for work is in store, dear Capricorn, but your social life is not suffering. New and exciting energy is brought to your domestic life this month. There may be a scurry of activity in your home and with your family in June, or opportunities to move or expand that seem to come out of the blue. Gifts, bonuses, or good news on the financial front are likely. The last week of the month brings some changes and perhaps drama to a close personal relationship or with friends.

Aquarius (January 20 ,February 19) : A feel-good month is in your forecast, dear Aquarius. You are feeling especially enthusiastic, creative, and generous. A new friend may be part of the picture. New insights and developments in learning areas, studies, with siblings, or in activity surrounding the communications industry can be had in June. Inspiration can be found now, and it's likely to come through your conversations or communications with others. Wonderful energy for love relationships is with you this month. Changes on the work front may be necessary in the last week of June.

Pisces (February 19 ,March 20) : Excitement is likely to revolve around finances and possessions for you this month, dear Pisces. There might be a sudden change in financial position, even a windfall or significant gift, a sudden urge to spend or invest money, a new money-making idea or project that seems to come out of nowhere, or new insights into money, money-making ability, or self-worth. Money might be seen now for its value as a tool used to achieve more freedom in your life. Home and family life is busy, and love relationships especially stimulating.

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