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September Horoscope 2015


Aries (march 20 ,april 20) : Work keeps you on your toes this month, dear Aries, but your personal life doesn't take a backseat. While there can be complications with work (delays and perhaps redoing of tasks) that have you feeling like you're not making much progress for all the effort put forth, by mid-month, things are running much more smoothly. Love matters are becoming a little complicated as well, but pleasantly so. Romance intensifies and passions run deep, especially around the 12th and 18th. Your desire for depth experiences on an intimate level is strong. Regarding finances, your attention turns to shared resources, debts and loans, and perhaps taxes. Creative thinking will help bring balance to this area of life. You are thinking a lot about health and nutrition matters, and September is a good month for researching new strategies for improvement. Career matters become clearer after the 13th, and certain work projects move forward. Surprising events and changes occur to your inner world around the 18th. Intuition is heightened, particularly regarding matters that have been holding you back from growing. The 23rd brings personal revelations.

Taurus (April 20 ,May 21) : Personal relationships are a big focus this month, dear Taurus. While romantic matters can be complicated, misunderstandings and hesitancy lift by mid-month. Your affectionate nature is well-defined in September. The desire to bring harmony to partnerships and to enjoy leisure time with a lover is strong. A partner is likely to be especially spirited and amorous as well, demanding more of your attention, particularly in the last two weeks of the month. For some of you, a budding new partnership is possible, and for others, much focus on enhancing romance in an existing relationship is likely. It's time to have some fun! New opportunities through friendships, group associations, and other forms of networking might arise this month. Surprising events occur now that serve to jolt you out of your usual routine, particularly when it comes to friendships, finances, and career. Your reputation is enhanced on the 4-5, when good word spreads. Education matters or travel plans become clearer as motivation increases. Money matters improve through partnership.

Gemini (May 21 ,June 21) :Interesting surprises occur in September, dear Gemini, in the areas of partnerships, career, and reputation or social standing. These can serve to push you out of a no-win or dead-end position. Some of you will be experiencing exciting changes in close relationships, meeting new people that further your career, or encountering new opportunities through travel or educational interests. You are learning about the world around you through the eyes of a special person--or through other one-to-one relationships, such as clients. Meeting a partner through travel or educational activities, partnering with a co-worker, or working with a partner are also possible. Much creativity is brought to your work this month, and you could find yourself especially motivated by, and passionate about, the work you do. New routines may be in order. Family matters that have been troubling clear up by the middle of September. Shared finances and debts become clearer now as well. Decision making becomes much more straightforward at this time.

Cancer (June 22 ,July 22) : In September, dear Cancer, you are pouring a lot of energy into friendships, networking, learning, and pleasure. The urge for adventure and new experiences that introduce you to new cultures, beliefs, or feelings is very strong mid-month. Sudden opportunities to expand your horizons, such as through travel, adventure, or learning can arise and jolt you out of your routine. New insights into work and health matters keep you motivated. Until the 14th, the probability of some confusion, delays, and misunderstandings with friends and in communications or transportation runs high, after which these matters begin to clear. Love is intense this month, but in a mostly pleasant manner. There is an "all or nothing" energy to romance in September with Venus and Mars both entering Scorpio. Fortunately for you, Scorpio is associated with a feel-good sector of your chart, and you are more likely to experience the "all" part of the "all or nothing" equation! Personal magnetism runs high, especially around the 18th. A career project can blossom for you around the 23rd.

Leo (July 23 ,August 23) : Getting your finances in order is in focus this month, dear Leo. Financial matters become more defined and clear by the 14th, as do practical concerns and work matters. Projects that have been delayed now begin to move forward. Intuition runs high from the 8-12th, but putting plans into action should be saved for the 14th and beyond. Developments in the financial or emotional support you receive, whether it's through loans, the resources of a partner, or other types of help, are quick and surprising. You might find yourself in a situation of sharing or pooling your resources with a partner. Alternatively, this can be a time of sudden insights and opportunities for emotional renewal or healing that give you a sense of power and self-mastery. By mid-month, love becomes less communicative in a superficial sense and more about passion and feelings that run so deep that they're hard to describe. Some of you will be meeting new romantic interests or experiencing a rejuvenation of romance in existing relationships.

Virgo (August 23 ,September 23) : You are brimming with creative ideas this month, dear Virgo. Being honest and communicative boosts your reputation and appeal in September. The New Moon on the 8th begins a month-long cycle in which you are noticed, personally powerful, and more confident. Career matters are strong, especially after the 12th. Success in the communications industry is indicated. Financial boosts are possible on the 4-5th and 12th. Love is improved and clearer from mid-month. Sudden opportunities with or through a partner can arise. A surprising circumstance or sudden change of attitude can occur and jolt you out of your usual routine when it comes to relating to others on a one-to-one level. Some of you might enter into a new partnership quickly. A working partnership could be involved, or an alliance with an old family friend or co-worker might occur now. Some of you could find opportunities to work from home. For those looking, a job offer can come your way. A matter that was previously hidden can come to light and help you to see more clearly.

Libra (September 23 ,October 23) : Personal magnetism continues to run high in September, dear Libra. Until the 8th, Venus continues to journey through your sign, boosting your appeal, charm, and tact. Until the 14th, Mars continues to add energy, initiative, intensity, and drive to your nature. Although both planets move out of your sign this month, they are moving rather close to one another, and this keeps partnering exciting throughout the month. Nevertheless, until the 22nd, you are in a yearly cycle of spiritual renewal, closing projects and paths in your life that no longer serve a good purpose. You take more down time than usual. The 22nd brings a yearly cycle of personal power that lasts until October 23rd. Home and family life improves this month, as do financial matters. The 4-5th and 12th are especially strong days for personal magnetism. You'll find others are looking upon you especially favorably. Opportunities and new insights come in the areas of work or health. The temptation to break out of lifeless aspects of a job is strong, and some of you will be feeling such inner restlessness that you feel you need to make a radical change.

Scorpio (October 23 ,November 22) :A personally popular month is in store for you, dear Scorpio. You are easily making connections, and your attitude is upbeat. Until the 14th, you continue to take time when it comes to setting goals and going after what you want, however. You are getting in touch with what it is you desire. After the 14th, clarity comes. You experience increased energy and motivation for setting personal plans into motion. For those looking for work, job offers might arrive. Any misunderstandings with friends are likely to clear from the 12th. From the 8th, personal magnetism runs exceptionally high. A partner has your best interests at heart. New intuition or insights come to you around the 18th regarding romance and creativity. Surprises are in store. For some of you, unusual and exciting romantic experiences are possible. You are inclined to take chances on creative or romantic levels. Something might inspire you to try out a new creative hobby or adventure altogether. Your impulses tend to be right on the mark. Others feel your enthusiasm and tend to follow your lead. From the 22nd, you require a little more time alone to regroup.

Sagittarius (November 22 ,December 21) : Career matters are strong this month, dear Sagittarius. Whether you are seeking it or not, you are in the spotlight. Show the most competent and responsible side of your nature now for maximum success. While there can be some backtracking and progress might seem slow, after the 12th, these matters clear up. A partner or partnership becomes clearer mid-month, as do financial matters. Many of you will be focusing on learning, improving your skills set, and possibly writing or speaking in new ways this month. Excitement on the home front is brewing. New and exciting energy is brought to your domestic life. There may be a scurry of activity at this time, or opportunities that seem to come out of the blue. From the 8th forward, your love life is especially private or quiet. This trend continues until January 2015, as Venus will be spending an unusual amount of time in your privacy and soul sector. You're less outwardly affectionate and require some time to soul-search about your love life. The 23rd brings new light on a romantic or creative endeavor. Emotions run high. Creatively, this is a month in which you are really finding yourself and connecting to your hidden or dormant talents.

Capricorn (December 21 ,January 20) : A feeling of personal power and stronger, clearer ambitions are with you this month, dear Capricorn. You are bolder and your vision is more lucid, especially from the 13th forward. There can be new insights and developments in learning areas, studies, in your neighborhood or with siblings, or in activities surrounding communication. You may receive good news or you might read something that inspires you to change your learning focus, to write about a topic you hadn't considered before, or through channels that you have never tried, for example. You are more open to communicating about subjects or feelings that you have previously kept to yourself. Inspiration can be found now, and it's likely to come through your conversations or communications with others. From the 8th, romance is friendlier and more light-hearted. This trend continues until January 2015. Friends, group activities, and networking activities play a large role in your love life. In fact, the influence of friends and group connections is powerful throughout the year. You are expanding your horizons and friends are helping you to feel more connected and confident. The Full Moon on the 23rd illuminates a family matter.

Aquarius (January 20 ,February 19) : Your ruler,Uranus,is back in Fish in the New Moon,as well in a Put down gravel Trine to Mars and the Enlightenment and square to Jupiter,the largest planet! You wanted is coming it all and it! Career mean and appear financial freedom,but is a breath and with Full Moon,the ruler now direct! Go to the realization of your dreams. You are in a power struggle cycle that will last until May 2015! Ups and downs carefully by the going around with those who spew absolute! Remain on course! September brings intensity of feeling and a stronger desire to investigate life, dear Aquarius. Some of you could be especially into research of some sort, and from the 14th forward, you are pouring much energy into work projects and other professional activities. Your personal magnetism runs high, and you're likely to find much support and personal popularity in your career or community. From mid-month, going after what you want, whether it's a promotion or an idea you are pushing, is especially favored. Jupiter aligns with your ruler, Uranus, again this month, bringing a hopeful attitude, beneficial connections through networking efforts, and improved financial status. There may be a sudden change in financial position, even a windfall or significant gift, a sudden urge to spend or invest money, a new money-making idea or project that seems to come out of nowhere, new insights into money, money-making ability, or self-worth. Money might be seen now for its value as a tool used to achieve more freedom in your life. Problem solving comes far more easily to you by mid-September.

Pisces (February 19 ,March 20) : A partnership is in strong focus this month, dear Pisces. Surprises in close relationships are likely from the 17th-22nd. Career matters are electric this month--expect the unexpected! Changes are in the works, and positive. Inspiration can come along suddenly, or seemingly so, from something you read, a conversation, a co-worker, or perhaps even a dream this month. The urge to break free from limiting conditions or, more likely, outworn attitudes, is intense now. You are looking to the future, not to the past, and the desire to leap forward into new and unexplored territory is powerful. Career goals, professional interests and changes, or social standing could be catalysts for this process. Romantic matters are intense, personal, and deep as you begin the month. From the 8th forward, your love life begins to take a turn that continues for the rest of 2015. You are more adventurous when it comes to love, and the desire to expand, explore, learn, and grow through your connections is strong. Some of you will find that you're attracted to people you've never considered before. The Full Moon on the 23rd can shed new light on a financial matter or project.

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