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Taurus 2017 Horoscope


Taurus 2017 Horoscope : Taurus have a loving nature and fond of beauty, music, colour and artistic ways. Pleasure, luxury living and good food are Taurus weak points. In middle age, Taurus will gain weight. Taurus place great importance on physical, financial and emotional security. Taurus have solid, steadfast, reliable and practical qualities. Conservator, not dreamer, have materialistic point of view. Taurus take time to decide and once decided, plan has to be carried out, as Taurus are determined and preserving. Taurus are sometimes Stubborn.

Take long time in selecting partner as Taurus are not impulsive in love. Respond well to kind treatment. On the other hand Taurus are kind, affectionate, seldom moody and not easily offended.

Taurus have inflexible nature, dependable, highly diplomat and over smiling. Taurus are definitely fond of ease, comforts, opposite sex. Troubles and difficulties may arise due to Taurus stubbornness and unreasonable resistance. Taurus are hard working.

Security, both emotional and financial, is of paramount importance to a person with the Sun in Taurus. In a positive sense this gives a protective personality with a strong sense of practicality and fairness. In a more negative sense, a Taureans may become possessive, possibly too careful with money and quite jealous of others. Sharing often becomes an issue with this type. This person is persistent, has great powers of endurance, is usually trustworthy and loves luxury. Taureans are often money minded and need security.

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