Capricorn 2016 Yearly Horoscope-Yearly Astrology Prediction for Capricorn-Free 2016 Capricorn Yearly Horoscope 2016
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Capricorn Yearly 2016 Horoscope

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2016 will see a mix of positive and negative trends, although positive trends will outweigh the negative ones.

Your capricorn horoscope promises that the year will commence with a rise in financial position and a sudden jump in your expenses. This is a period of caution and you should take care that wasteful expenses do not neutralize your gains.

Joint areas of life will experience hurdles. Relations with spouse could experience turbulence and excessive aggression. Spouse could be in a difficult state of mind and not easy to handle. Aggression will be high till 25th May 2016 but period till 10th March 2016 could be quite difficult as per capricorn horoscope.

Avoid sudden or major decisions in life during this period. Domestic matters and relations with friends could be difficult too during this period.

Business partners could be aggressive. Avoid confrontation or major decisions now.

You will find the level of luck in life in general with seem higher this year. There could be better prospects and higher finances now.

Turbulence and volatility in life will rise from the 14th January 2016 and will remain till 31st May 2016. During this phase your own temperament will remain unsteady and volatile due to which decision making could be impaired.

Luck in money matters will rise. There would be a higher level of inflows but volatility will be high too, tilled the 31st May 2016. Connections with overseas or foreign sources could rise this year. It would be lucky to increase your interaction with overseas business/ organizations.

A short period between 14th September and 18th October 2016 should be handled cautiously since your confidence and energy could be down. Even finances could experience a slow down. Major commitments should be avoided during this period.

Money inflows and family life will be quite happy from the beginning of the year till 1st May 2016. There would be substantial gains during this period. You will find knowledge and speech would be your best tools. You should use your communication skills to your advantage now.

Expenses and temptation to spend more will be high. Kindly curb expenses. Period beyond 2nd May 2016 could be tricky. You could experience a fall in position or status due to wrong speech or communication. You need adequate care in this regard.

Further in case you exercise caution, efforts made after September 2016 could give you a rise in status. You need to be careful about wrong decisions between 24th July and 31st October 2016.

Relations with siblings and friends during this time will be happy.

Sudden revival in status and finances will come from 1st November 2016. Any unfinished agenda will give you gains and positive returns between 1st November and 5th December 2016.

Overheads and outflow of experiences will remain a cause of concern. This year you will have to walk a thin line between how much to spend and whether to cut expenses or not.

Opportunities in career and on personal front will be high. That will require monetary commitment but chances of wasteful expenses remain too. Under the circumstances you should evaluate the need to increase overheads and expenses. Wherever in doubt, avoid increasing your recurring expenses as per capricorn horoscope.

You could be drawn to unsocial and unmoral activity too. Try to keep your senses under control. Offering regular prayers will help.

Health will remain a cause of worry. Try to keep your stress level down. Do not imagine ailments.

Career and romance could take a sudden reversal between September and December 2016. Some unexpected blocks could come in relationships between 9th October and 19th November 2016. You should avoid taking major decisions during this time in love life. If you remain calm, life will turn around on its own as per capricorn horoscope.

Finances and issues relating to debts could cause concern. You might have fluctuations in financial and work area matters during:-

  1. 1st January to 15th January 2016
  2. 19th April to 12th May 2016
  3. 22nd August to 13th September 2016
  4. 11th December to 30th December 2016

Further remedies would be needed to cross the year peacefully.

We will advice remedy for Mars up to 25th May 2016, Jupiter between May and October 2016 and Rahu/ Ketu throughout the year

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