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Virgo Yearly 2016 Horoscope

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2016 would bring changes in life overall for virgo. The changes would mostly be subtle and personal in nature rather than open and visible to the public eye.

You might experience pressure from competitions, distant family and health issues after the 14th January 2016 till end May 2016.

Level of pressure and stress could rise. You will be more creative but personal pressures at home and work environment will increase. Health could suffer due to carelessness and increased pressure as per virgo horoscope.

You should ensure you do not take major decisions or risks during the 14th January to 31st May 2016 period. It would be useful to consider this year as a learning phase. Hardships and hurdles crossed now will bring in much progress later or in life.

Pressures could rise on account of children too. Health and family matters could look poor between 14th September 2016 and 18th October 2016 due to lack of adequate opportunity and will.

Generally life and specifically career could turn dynamic this year. The period from 1st January2016 to 1st May 2016, would be very positive and effective as per virgo horoscope.

This period will experience an expansion in career, rise in financial status and increased expenses too. Vibrancy in work environment will rise.

Litigation of any sort should be avoided now. Beyond 2nd May 2016 there will be an expansion in all areas of life.

If unmarried very good chances of marriage will build up now. There could be sudden rise in activity between 24th July and 31st October 2016. In case the promise of marriage built up is not fulfilled by 31st October 2016, it will return after a brief period after 6th December 2016.

Partnerships and marriage matters would be happy between 2nd May 2016 and end of the year.

New associations and partnership could be formed. New business opportunities could come up too. Domestic and real estate matters could pick up now beyond 2nd May 2016. Chances of a real estate purchase possible between 24th July and 31st October 2016.

Despite the positive trends, comfort and pressures at home will remain a cause of concern throughout. You would be subjected to politics by family members at home. Relocation chances will be high. If given a choice, you should avoid relocation this year, since the level of comfort would remain poor.

Your virgo horoscope also cautions that your actions and career decisions could create doubts in your mind too. There could be a temptation to make a career change or modify what you are currently doing in life. It would however be a good idea, not to modify any plans and continue the way you were before November 2009.

Avoid any malafide actions as it could mar your image.

Income and gains from unexpected sources will come in throughout. You might have a period of aggression and aggressive speech towards family and friends between 1st January 2016 and 25th May 2016. During this time period till 10th March 2016 could be quite difficult. You should be very careful or you could end up making enemies and losing friends/ family members.

Not a good period for health of matter.

Luck and gains from overseas sources could be exception between September 2016 and end of the year. Period between 9th October and 19th November 2016 could see a high level of gains. Positive period overall.

Avoid fluctuations in love/ relationship.

Personal temperament could remain volatile between:-

  1. 1st January and 15th January 2016
  2. 19th April and 12th May 2016
  3. 22nd August and 13th September 2016
  4. 11th December and 30th December 2016

Avoid major decisions and error of judgment during this period.

Health, energy and confidence could be poor during March, June, October and December 2016. Avoid Major activity during these periods. Financial commitments should be on hold too as per virgo horoscope.

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